Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Great American Pastime

This movie was an enjoyable but completely lightweight little nugget of silliness with a 1950's Leave It to Beaver type setting. But hold the presses. The dad doesn't spend enough time with his kid. So he jumps at the chance to manage a Little League team when he is asked.

Lo and behold though, his son is on another team! What? And his son's team is a win at all costs powerhouse. Dad's team is a sorry sack bunch of losers with a bunch of parents pressuring him to win, win, win! Craziness follows. A bizarre film but well worth seeing especially if you aren't looking for much. I'm glad Youthlarge found this while searching the listings for Jimmy Stewart flicks.



youthlarge said...

And now I found All the President's Men, which you haven't seen either!

This movie was truly bizarre. I loved the use of the dog.

Listmaker said...

for the record, i saw all the president's men in h.s. journalism class. the movie you meant to write was mr. smith goes to washington which i'm looking forward to watching.