Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thank You For Smoking

Take a movie that would have felt fresh in 1980, sprinkle in some 2006 type annoying television-like storytelling structure, add a dash of excellent acting performances and you get this oh so haughty “satire.”

AFI Theater - Silver Spring


billm said...

first of all, great idea about updating you movie and baseball blogs during the year!

so dan, what are you trying to say? I saw a preview for this when I saw Munich and I thought it looked hilarious. do you think I'd like it?

planbreaker said...

I totally agree. It felt a little bit like an HBO movie, but not even as deep as that. There's so much potential with the premise; unfortunately, possibility is basically where it stops.

mactechwitch said...

You wrote that yourself?
You should be on TV or at least radio.

Assignment for you: Always attempt to capture a movie's essence in a one-multi-phrased-sentence.