Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Final Destination 3

What a disappointment. This film had a few good moments but overall, it wasn’t even close to the first two films in the series. The whole endeavor seems to have run out of steam. Gone are the clever ways that the filmmakers found to kill off teenagers in seemingly mundane situations. In its place are silly deaths that involve rooms with oodles of absurdities like samurai swords hanging on a wall in a weight room and home supply stores filled with nail guns and saws. Of course, that shit can kill you. No longer does the audience get to marvel at the ingenious way of killing people, but instead they have to guess which dangerous weapon will do the trick. And a film of this tone really shouldn’t be including World Trade Center stuff as a plot point.

Court St.

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Debbie said...

Not too mention the long tanning scene ugh!

Final Destination 4 - Funtime Cruise ship disaster