Tuesday, April 18, 2006


The Holocaust is such a rich source of inspiration for the arts that there is almost an inexhaustible amount of stories to be told. This film, however, is unlike every other film I've seen on the topic. The teenaged protagonist actually can find a sense of beauty and even happiness in some of his experiences. The cinematography captures this sentiment well. Who could possibly find the poetry in the crematoriums and piles of dead bodies? Somehow the main character in this movie (based on a true story) does. This haunting movie ended up putting me in a trance. This film does a great job capturing the absurdity, the greed, the bureaucracy, the denial of the entire situation.

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2005, Year of U.S. Release - 2006

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Debbie said...

Yeah! Another blog, that isn't sports related.

I can't take Holocaust movies it took all of me to watch Schindlers list and my stomach hurt for days